« NAMAD » elected product of the year "Surfaces" 2017

I'm proud to announce that my "NAMAD" pleating panel has won the Mixology Awards 2017 for "Product of the year : Surfaces".

My "namad" pleating panel system in100% natural felt, is an acoustic solution to divide space in large open-plan areas.
The system is especially effective in addressing both privacy & acoustic challenges in any of your interior projects.

"Namad" can cover both from wall to wall & ceiling to floor surfaces.
Although hung in space, it offers a high level of acoustic performance : its "equivalent sound absorption area A" is 3 at 500 HZ frequecy !

My pleating panel is hung with the help of an industrial gliding track system fitted to the ceiling
which can be both curved or straight depending on the environment.

Thanks to its accordion or fanfold form, the panel can be stacked to open up the space.
"Namad" width and height are tailor made to fit your specific project needs.

I only use the very best quality of natural felt available with 3mm gauge thickness & a choice of 50 colours.


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