Sliding panels

Sliding panels, sliding panel blinds, panel blinds, panel curtains, panel glide blinds, gliding window panels,...

All these terms are used to designate the same product which sums up to a discrete multiple channel track, which can be mounted on the ceiling or on the wall, and in which slide textile panels.
There is no need for a track mounted on the floor.

Using this system we create modular and multipurpose interiors. Ideal as window treatment, space dividers, closet doors as well as wall dressing.

Our fabrics are chosen carefully for each project according to their transparency, translucency or opacity and their capacity to provide visual, thermal or phonic comfort.

All our panels and tracks are made to measure for interior design in contract or residential projects. We can also provide a bendable version of this mechanism.

Sliding panels : transparent


lets through light & vision

Sliding panels : translucent


lets through light but not vision

Sliding panels : sun screen

Sun screen

reflects a portion of sun light & sun heat
see through only one way

Sliding panels : acoustic


sound & heat comfort

Black Out Sliding Panel

Black Out

perfectly blocks all light and vision

Sliding panels : Panorama


an overview of all our Sliding panels...