Acoustic felt

"Namad" collection

For our "namad" collection, we use a dense quality of felt in pure wool and in 3mm thickness.

Felt is a 100% natural non woven material comprising of millions of fibers that are "mixed in" together to form a single textile surface, unlike woven fabrics which are made up of warps and wefts. This is why felt can be cut without fraying.


Inherent properties of felt:

• Thick, porous and flexible

• Soft and tactile to touch

• Excellent sound and air absorbent

• Natural sound barrier and heat insulator

• High acoustic performance

• Water repellant and fire retardant

• Dense and thus opaque to light


Felt reduces effectively the acoustic energy that hits it in three different ways:

• Loss through friction

• Loss through vibration within the structure

• Loss through internal damping (shock absorption)


Physical and mechanical features of felt in terms of interior design applications:

Our felt sliding panels, curtains and pleating panels provide :

• Sound comfort in interiors where there is too much resonation

• Heat comfort where there is need to block out cold air



"Namad" acoustic felt collection - "Namad" pleating panel

Pleating panels

Are appropriate for space dividing in very large spaces, especially if there is need for sound absorption. Although hung in space, they can cover from wall to wall and ceiling to floor surfaces.

"Namad" Acoustic Felt Collection - "Namad" sliding panels

Sliding panels

Are appropriate for any space dimensions, private or corporate projects, especially if there is need of sound absorption. They can be used as space dividers or in replacement of doors for example for a dressing or to hide away shelves etc.

"Namad" acoustic felt collection - "Namad" XL wave curtains

XL Wave Curtains

Are appropriate for space dividing in very large spaces where there is need for sound absorption.