In this collection, the idea is to give a 3D effect using 2D materials and techniques.

To create this illusion, we have worked on how the designs should be photographed, highlighting the various reliefs, embosses and shades, before designing the prints.

Each subject has been photographed from different angles, creating subtle variations of each design.

A high quality of digital print creates the trompe l'œil effect.

A high quality of color scale creates the 3D effect and a subtle range of bicolors is available.

Each image can be played around with to fit final dimensions of the panels.

It can be printed on different kinds of textiles : translucent, sun screen or black out. all fire retardant.

They can be machine washed at 40°c.

REF : BA14

1 panel - "stratos" design - grey/lavender colour

Dimensions : 1 x W77,5 x H237cm

Price : 145€ + carriage fees


1 panel - "stratos" design - grey/lavender colour

Dimensions : 1 x W150 x H249cm

Price : 249€ + carriage fees

2 panels - stratos design


REF : BA15

2 panels - "geo V1" & "geo V2" designs - grey/lavender colour

Dimensions : 2 x W75 x H229cm

Price per panel : 145€ + carriage fees

2 panels - "geo V1" & "geo V2" designs


REF : BA16

1 panel - "souffle V2" design - grey/lavender colour

Dimensions : 1 x W150 x H243cm

Price : 249€ + carriage fees

1 panel - "souffle V2" design


REF : BA17

1 panel - "mina V1" design - grey/lavender colour 

Dimensions : 1 x W150 x H243cm

Price : 249€ + carriage fees

1 panel - "mina V1" design


REF : BA18

1 panel - "celeste 2" design - charcoal grey print on white translucent fbric

Dimensions : 1 x W110 x H228cm

Price : 222€ + carriage fees

1 "celeste 2" panel in translucent white fabric

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