The guide for the good deals

The "good deals" section is dedicated to finished products in stock that were either made for an exhibition or have minor faults.  


The bellow items are mostly finished products. Either as panels ( with Velcro on top and bottom hem for weight bar) or as curtains ( with curtain heading and laser-cut sides and bottom). In some cases the finishing is still to be done so that leaves you the choice to have them finishes as curtains or as panels. If the item is too long we can shorten it to fit your measures.
Some items with different designs are grouped under the same "BA" reference. As they match they could be used in the same project but not necessarily. You do not have to buy the whole bundle and that is why all prices are per piece and not per BA reference. 


How to choose ?

1 - First ask yourself if you need transparency, translucency or opacity.

2 - Measure the surface to be covered.

3 - Search amongst the items in the type of fabric you require (transparent, translucent, opaque) and see if any of them match your measurements.


How to buy ?

1 - Choose your item and note its "BA" reference.

2 - Send us your request via the contact form and remember to mention the BA reference and your contacts.

3 - We will send you via email  your invoice and our bank details for payment via transfer. As soon as we receive your payment your goods will be sent to you.

3bis - Alternatively, if you are in Paris you can make an appointment to come and pickup your order and thus save money on carriage. It will also be a pleasure for us to meet you.


Additional services

The prices are for the finished product as mentioned on the images. All additional cuts, shortenings, mechanisms and installations are subject to additional fees. In the case of the items that still need to be finished, the cost is already included in the stated price so there will be no extra fees.



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