Our translucent fabrics are laser cut with our discrete and poetic designs. These designs let in light and create wonderful shadows and projections on surrounding walls, floor and ceiling.

The translucent panels let in light but they cannot be seen through on either sides. They are ideal as space dividers, window treatment or as display.

Exclusively in Trevira CS (fire retardant polyester).



2 x off white curtains - "rain drops" design
Dimensions : 2 x W126 x H295cm 
Price per curtain : 272€ + carriage fees



3 plain curtains in off white  
Dimensions : 3 x W146 x H261cm 
Price per curtain : 100€ + carriage fees

3 plain curtains - dim W146 x H261cm



1 x "cloud of lines" panel in off white colour
Dimensions : 1 x W74 x H240cm
Price : 90€ + carriage fees 
3 x "cloud of lines" panels in beige colour
Dimensions : 3 x W65 x H330cm 
Price per panel : 110€ + carriage fees

4  "cloud of lines" panels



1 x "bubbles" H panel in beige colour
Dimensions : 1 x W74 x H211cm
Price : 90€ + carriage fees
2 x "bubbles " H & V panels in off white colour  
Dimensions : 2 x W67 x H240cm
Price per panel : 90€ + carriage fees

3 "bubbles" panels



2 x "bubbles" H & V panels in white colour 
Dimensions : 2 x W70 x H330cm
Price per panel : 90€ + carriage fees

2 "bubbles" panels



2 x "cloud of flowers" panels in dark grey colour  
Dimensions : 1 x W78 x H271,5cm + 1 x W73,5 x H198cm
Price per panel : 100€ + carriage fees

2 "cloud of flowers" panels in dark grey


REF : B26

1 x "cloud of flowers" curtain in lilac colour  
Dimensions in wave : W162 x H248cm


Dimensions flat : W290 x H248cm
Curtain price : 390€ + carriage fees

1 "cloud of flowers" curtain

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