A very cosy year ahead!


My felt panels in 3mm thickness are discreet and easy to install.
They divide spaces, create passage ways, block out light and absorb sound vibrations.

Sliding felt panels - view 1
Sliding felt panels - view 2
Sliding felt panels - view 3

They slide effortlessly on their track mounted on the ceiling and bear my "milky way" design.

The perforations that make up this design have but very little impact on the acoustic performances of the panels (the variation in surface being too small).

The panels seen in full position
The 3 shades of grey and the "milky way" design
Panel view with flooring

In this project, the choice of 3 shades of grey for the felt dialogues with "Tide", the flooring designed by Tom Dixon for Ege Carpets.

Site : Novotel Porte d'Orléans in Paris   
Textile surface installed : 5 panels in W81 x H273cm


See full range of felt panels

See colour card for felt panels

See the acoustic test results for felt panels


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