A planetarium mood for an interior design project

We are pleased to present you this recent project accomplished within the new technology hub of the French banking company "Société Générale".

In order to meet interior designer wishes, we have combined our "Siesta" & "Milky Way" panels in this area dedicated to napping and resting.


Discrete and relaxing, our "Milky Way" panels are ideal as space dividers while keeping an open space spirit.


The hand drawn, vibrant and irregular stripes of the "Siesta" design provide the panels with relevant sensitivity and poetry.


The "Milky Way" design is naturally projected on the ceiling transforming the area into a kind of ephemeral planetarium.


We would like to thank the designer Fanny Steiner at "Le Génie des Lieux" as well as the client "La Société Générale" for their pleasant collaboration.


For this project we have used :
"Milky Way" panels in sun screen fabric  
"Siesta" panels in screen printed cotton fabric with FR treatment.


Photos by : Bernard Taboureau


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