Felt and its origins

Felt has been used since ancient times by the nomads of central Asia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkey, Mongolia... It is a material used traditionally and mostly by modest people.

Felt and its origins

commingled wool fibers

It was the shepherds who discovered that by commingling the wool fibers of their sheep, they could obtain a nonwoven textile. This is how they started to make hats, shoes, clothes, tents and other everyday life objects for their own use life.

hat, coat, rug in hand-made felt from Iran
coat in hand-made felt from Iran
hat in hand-made felt from Iran
rug in hand-made felt from Iran
zoom on hand-made felt

Felt is my breadcrumb trail 

These functional objects and wearable accessories stated above are part of my visual, tactile and cultural landscape.

Felt is clearly THE element that links my work to my cultural background. It helps me stay in touch with my starting point.


Photos : objets exposés au Musée d'Ethnologie de Téhéran en Iran.


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