Souffle / Trompe l'oeil sliding panel

Trompe l'oeil effect :
There are 5 versions of this design.
Each image can be played around with to fit final dimensions of the panels.
It can be printed on different kinds of textiles : translucent, sun screen or black out, all fire retardant.

Finish : velcro on top + 4cm hem on bottom for weight bar + laser cut sides or side hems depending on panel dimensions.

Dimensions : custom made - maximum W146cm - no limits for the height

Care : can be machine washed or sponge cleaned depending on type of material.

Colours : 5 shades of warm gray & 5 shades of cold gray available.


Curved sliding panel glide system
"Souffle" trompe l'oeil sliding panel fabric : pattern 1
Slider small
Slider large