Pebbles / Translucent sliding panel

Laser cut design:
There are 2 versions of this design and others can be made if needed. This helps create a rhythm instead of repeating the same panel. In addition, the design can be placed differently for each project so that it matches the proportions of the final panel format as well as the light and visibility needed in the project.

Material: Trevira CS (100% polyester cotton aspect) 185gr/m2 lets in light but not vision.

Finish: velcro on top + 4cm hem on bottom for weight bar + laser cut sides or side hems depending on panel dimensions.

Dimensions: custom made - maximum W146cm - no limits for the height


Colours: 120 colours available

Curved sliding panel glide system
"Pebbles" translucent sliding panel fabric
Slider small
Slider large