The note book / Sun screen sliding panel

"The note book" represents pages of a spiral bound notebook. There are 4 versions of this design and they can all be adapted to all panel formats.

Sun screen mesh provides visual and thermal comfort.
This material provides transparency and one way visibility: towards the outside during day time, and towards the inside at night fall. It is also an efficient protection against sun light and heat.
It is very easy to clean on the surface with a clean and humid sponge.

Ideal for all types of interior even the most humid ones (bathroom, kitchen, spa).
Fire retard polyester coated with PVC.
Choice of two mesh qualities: open or dense.
Choice of 3 standard colours + more colours for specific projects.
Dimensions made-to-measure.
Maximum width possible: 177cm.
No limit for the height.

Curved sliding panel glide system
"The note book" sun screen sliding panel fabric : 86 white
Slider small
Slider large