Mina / Custom rugs

A made-to-measure textile flooring that gives the illusion of a pinched and wrinkled surface.
To create this illusion, we worked on how the designs should be photographed long before they where printed, with emphasis on play with light and shadow.
This helped to highlight the various reliefs, embosses and textures.

The maximum dimensions of each image is 4m by 12m80 without any repeat.
There will only be repeats for bigger sizes than these.
So it is possible to cover a whole surface from wall to wall or to make area rugs.

As you may imagine, the bigger the surface, the greater the visual impact.

The texture effects are printed on the carpet using a high definition dying technique that penetrates deeply into the fiber.

4 shades of colored grays are available:

  • beige gray (sand)
  • bluish gray
  • greenish gray
  • brownish gray

These toned down colors with a tweed effect need less cleaning.

The backing is in woven textile and we can add a layer of latex for more comfort and softness.

At last, this quality of carpet is certified fire retardant so perfect for use in public spaces.
It is also antistatic and stain proof.

Custom trompe l'oeil rugs - detail recto
"Mina" custom trompe l'oeil pattern - shade 508
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