Room dividers

"LIGHTS" collection

Our felt panels are appropriate for any space dimensions, private or corporate projects, especially if there is need of sound absorption.

They can be used as space dividers or in replacement of doors for example for a dressing or to hide away shelves etc.

They can cover whole surfaces or be used as punctuations in space.

We use a dense quality of felt in pure wool and in 3mm thickness.
This natural material is an excellent sound and heat isolator.

Our felt panels provide sound comfort in interiors where there is too much resonation and heat comfort where there is need to block out cold air.

They can also be used as black out panels.

Felt is naturally M2 and we offer an extra fire retardant treatment on the surface to make it M1.

All our panels are entirely made to measure and can come in 50 different colors (see Acoustic sliding panels).

Dry clean if stains and vacuum clean if dusty.

Straight sliding panel glide system
"Bubbles" Acoustic Felt Material
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