Groupe texte

Open-space workplace

Space dividers for a workplace

  • Site : Tétris Design & Build - La Défense business quarter in Paris
  • Client : Tétris Design & Build
  • Interior designer : Tétris Design & Build
  • Surface of textile : 26 panels in W100 x H270cm (70m²)
  • Date : 2015
  • Technical specifications : need for acoustic comfort and visual privacy within an open plan workplace. Need for separating work benches from distracting passages in the alley way
  • Design specifications : bright color chart to be respected in order to underline different zones.
  • Our textile solution : pairs of panels in 100% woollen felt with a great capacity of sound absorption, and semi transparent white panels in order to stay light and close to the open-space spirit. Our "little windows" and "city lights" design that are graphically close to the company's' logo where chosen to be laser cut on the panels.


Slider small
Slider large