Groupe texte

Lounge area

Mobile screens for separating a lounge from the alley way

  • Site : SNCF Campus Wilson - Saint Denis - Greater Paris
  • Client : AREP
  • Interior designer : AREP
  • Surface of textile : 14 panels in W100/145 x H270cm   
  • Date : 2016
  • Technical specifications : separate the lounge area from the glass meeting rooms facing it. The idea was to bring visual privacy to both parts that were to coexist on the same floor.
  • Design specifications : adapting client's design to laser cutting techniques on fabrics.
  • Our textile solution : the 14 mobile panels that slide on a 16m long track, also create a corridor in between the offices and the lounge area. Although the passage way already existed before our intervention, it wasn't actually materialized and was perceived as a source of distraction for those who were working as well as for those who were lounging.
Slider small
Slider large