How to bring visual privacy into offices

I'm pleased to present you a project accomplished in 2016 for SNCF (French National Railways Company) in collaboration with AREP (subsidiary of SNCF for multidisciplinary project management).
The site is on the 4th floor of SNCF head offices at Campus Wilson in Saint-Denis (greater Paris), France.

The client wished to separate the lounge area from the glass meeting rooms facing it. The idea was to bring visual privacy to both parts that were to coexist on the same floor.

This is why AREP commissioned me to contribute with technical advice, manufacturing and the installation of 14 tailor made panels.

The 14 mobile panels that slide on a 16m long track, also help create a corridor in between these two areas.

Although the passage way already existed before my intervention, it wasn't actually materialized and was perceived as a source of distraction for those who were working as well as for those who were lounging.

The difference of color in flooring also contributes to mark each section.

Sliding panels in sun screen mesh
14 mobile panels that slide on a 16m long track
Create a corridor with sliding panels

AREP allowed me to use a design that they had specially created for this project.

A very simple but effective design that respects the visual identity of SNCF and its famous TGV trains.

The client also asked for two prototypes in two different materials in order to compare them visually as well as in terms of functionality.

Mobile panels
Sun screen sliding panels in dense mesh

The client and I both agreed that the most appropriate material would be our sun screen in dense mesh.

This technical fabric creates a visual filter on both sides while letting through light.

It is also very light but resistant to the many manipulations foreseen for the panels.

Digital cut details

Each panel has its own "draw rod".

This accessory is a rod in Plexiglas or aluminum and helps to manipulate the panels without touching the fabric and thus avoiding stains and pleating of the material. 

"draw rod" details

I'd like to thank AREP and SNCF for their confidence.

For this project I have used:

Photo credits: Bernard Taboureau


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