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In my blog I'd like to share my impressions on the subjects that inspire and move me such as innovations in textiles, architecture and design. Here is my first press review where you can find articles about the use of natural light in architecture or the use of functional proprieties of textiles.

"Wall cloud"

I have selected this article because "wall cloud" is a poetic and totally unexpected answer to a very often encountered issue : how to transform an oppressing space into a clear and open interior. The idea of the suspending walls is not only innovative but also very sensitive. Poetry often lacks in space planing projects but not in this one. It is also a perfect example of a nondecorative project that I strongly defend. 

Projcet accomplished in Tokyo by japonaise architectural studio SASAKI ARCHITECTURE.

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Photographies : Takumi Ota

Sasaki - Cloud Wall - Photographie : Takumi Ota
Sasaki - Cloud Wall - Photographie : Takumi Ota

"A Slice of the city"

"A slice of the city" is an innovative architectural solution to two urban constrains within the same project : how to benefit from maximum living space and natural light and still keep visaul privacy and not be exposed to the outsider eye. As a designer I work everyday around these two constrains and try to come up with textile solutions for them. So it is natural for me to be interested in Alphaville's solution to the same questions.  

Alphaville is a Japanese architectural studio and here is its creative answer.

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Photographies : Toshiyuki Yano

A slide of city - Alphaville - Photographie :Toshiyuki Yano
A slide of city - Alphaville - plans


"US Defense recognizes the strategic importance of Innovative textiles for america"

"An independent nonprofit founded by MIT has been selected to run a new, $317 million public-private partnership announced today by Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter.

The partnership, named the Advanced Functional Fabrics of America (AFFOA) Institute, has won a national competition for federal funding to create the latest Manufacturing Innovation Institute. It is designed to accelerate innovation in high-tech, U.S.-based manufacturing involving fibers and textiles..." 

With this ambitious programme, the Obama administration recognizes the strategic importance of a new textile industry not only of the economiy of the USA but also for national defense reasons. 

Source : by Office of the Press Secretary – 01/04/2016
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Source : MIT – 01/04/2016
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Photographie : Scott Brauer

Scott Brauer photography

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