Lithos / Bespoke area rugs

A bespoke rug that gives the illusion of wrinkled paper or stone tiles.

The texture effects are printed on the carpet using a high definition dying technique that penetrates deeply into the fiber.

4 shades of colored grays are available:

  • beige gray (sand)
  • bluish gray
  • greenish gray
  • brownish gray

The backing is in woven textile and we can add a layer of latex for more comfort and softness.

2 types of finishes available:

  • invisible finish
  • more classical hemmed finish

This quality of carpet is certified fire retardant so perfect for use in public spaces.
It is also antistatic and stain proof.

Minimum order 20m2.

Custom trompe l'oeil carpet - details
"Lithos" custom trompe l'oeil pattern - shade 900
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