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The Bla Spa

Window treatments for a spa

  • Site : Le Bla Spa - Le Pecq - France
  • Client : Le Bla Spa - Le Pecq - France
  • Interior designer : (none)
  • Surface of textile : panels and curtains and spaces dividers for 2 areas
  • Date : 2015
  • Technical specifications : need for window treatments and space dividers in a humid space using materials stable to variations in air humidity and temperature.
  • Design specifications : respecting the Nordic style of the space and its color mood.
  • Our textile solution : white sun screen panels for use during day time. These panels offer transparency towards the view of the Seine. Translucent flat curtains in ultra marine blue for use during the evening. These provide the clients with the necessary privacy. Finally, translucent flat curtains in light grey used as space dividers. These separate the massage room into two spaces whenever needed. Our panels and curtains are also a vector of our client's visual and brand identity.


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