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Swimming pool

Window treatments for a private swimming pool

  • Site : Private swimming pool - Doha - Qatar
  • Client : Private villa - Doha - Qatar
  • Interior designer : Sketch Plus
  • Surface of textile : 36 panels in W82 x H474cm (132m²)
  • Date : 2013
  • Technical specifications : need for window treatments and space dividers in a humid space using materials stable to variations in air humidity and temperature.
  • Design specifications : need for intimacy and a welcoming atmosphere for this space too open towards the outside.
  • Our textile solution : white sun screen panels that reflect an important quantity of sun light and heat. A second layer of panels in a translucent fabric to provide complete visual opacity toward the outside. Together they provide a very soft and diffuse light and bring well being to the interior. Both the material is stable to variations in air temperature and humidity. 
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